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This service is ideally suited for pension schemes paid into for 3 years or more

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People change jobs, employers change their names but more importantly we all forget things from time to time. With that in mind it is easy to lose track of pensions that you have paid into over the years. If you do not actively look for your lost pensions, then you take the risk of relying on them looking for you! Which could be difficult for them to do if you have charged your name through marriage or moved home yourself.

This is where the Pension Tracing Service comes in.

We help you trace your lost pensions, help you complete all of the relevant paperwork and will guide you through the entire pension tracing process step by step. Once we have been able to track down your lost pension we will even contact the pension scheme on your behalf to help you establish what exactly you have in your newly traced pension. We can then even put you in touch with a pension expert who will offer you a free consultation to discuss your requirements and options.

Best of all our Pension Tracing Service is completely FREE.

When your start your free pension tracing service it is important that you supply us with as much information as possible. The more information we have, the more chance you have of being reunited with the pension you paid into.

You have to remember that over time, your previous employers may change their name, be taken over or even cease to trade. The same is also true of insurance companies so it is not surprising that a number of people lose track over a lifetime’s work of a pension schemes which they were once contributing members.

Those who have lost track of any pensions in this way can be reunited with their entitlements by using the Department for Work and Pensions Pension Tracing Service. However this service does have its limitations, please see the table below to see how our Free Pension Tracing Service can offer you more benefits.

To help us speed up your enquiry after you have our simple application form your can print our downloadable authority to act form, sign and return it to us at Pension Tracing Service, Unbiased Finance, 131 Church Street, Staffordshire, ST4 1DB.  Once we have located your pension this will enable your pension company to release the up to date details of your pension directly to us, speeding up the pension tracing process.

(Download our FAST-TRACK authority form here)

Free Pension Tracing Service

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If required: Your dedicated Pension Adviser will advise you on what to do next with your newly found pension.
Please note that this is an optional service and may come at a cost.

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Further ongoing support when dealing with pension providers.

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